How to Be Celestial?

What does it mean to Be Celestial? Find out here!

For Latter Day Saints, Be Celestial is clearly a take on President Nelson's talk directing us to Think Celestial. If you are not a Latter Day Saint, you can still Be Celestial. All people, all children of God, can live celestial lives in the here and now, and not in some world to come.

How can I Be Celestial?

To Be Celestial, you must trade your life, your ego, your aspirations, even your will, for the will of God. The will of God is that all love all, all the time. That means giving up all your fear, and embracing every person and every circumstance with faith. Faith that God is your Father, and that everything that happens in your life, though it may appear "bad", is ultimately for your good, AND for the good of all, eternally. 

Is Celestial a state of mind?

It is state of being. As you learn to love all, all the time, your mind is transformed, even into the mind of God, as you learn the will of God, and begin to live in the will of God. We are born "bipolar" with what appears to each of us as two minds, a mind of our own, and our conscience, which is the mind of God. For often many years or decades, we struggle with our time perspective, as we value short term perceived gains for ourselves over eternal perspective, which knows to love others is the Way to love ourselves. To Be Celestial is to have the mind and will of God, to always put others first, which is Love. 

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